Accredited Medication Training for Care
Accredited Medication Trainingfor Care

Safe Administration of Medication - Children's Homes

This course is intended to support you in your role caring for vulnerable children in a residential care setting. It will help you understand the regulations and best practices on how to safely handle, administer, record, store, and dispose of medicines.


Please note: This course does not give you automatic authority to administer medicines. You must first be assessed as competent by your organisation, and follow their policies and guidelines.

Who is it for?

Ideal for care staff who are responsible for the administration of medication to children and are based in:

- residential care homes,

- care homes with nursing

Course Overview & Learning Objectives

The course covers essential areas such as:

  • Laws, legislation & medicines,
  • Roles & responsibilities of staff,
  • Medicine types, routes and how they work,
  • Safe administration & management of medicines,
  • Record keeping,
  • Recognising & dealing with problems.

Session 1

  • Identify laws relating to administering medicines
  • Understand the importance of a medication policy
  • Know the different legal categories of medicines including controlled drugs
  • Identify the information on a medicine label

Session 2

  • Understand the instructions, warnings and various factors that affect medicine dosage.
  • Understand the safe use of “when required” (PRN) Medicines.
  • Identify the considerations for the self-administration of medicines.
  • Explain the three different levels of support when helping people with medication.
  • Understand the processes required for covert administration

Session 3

  • Understand the pro’s and con’s with compliance aids (blister packs)
  • Identify suitable storage and disposal factors for medication
  • Know the “Six Rights” when administering medicines
  • Explain additional considerations before giving medicines

Session 4

  • Explain the correct processes and routes for administering medicines
  • Understand the importance of accurate record keeping including the use of a MAR chart
  • Identify possible side-effects caused by some medicine types
  • Explain the necessary actions required when dealing with errors and concerns linked to administering medicine.


The topics covered in this course relate to information in the following official guidance and regulations

  • Health & Social Care Act (Regulated activities) 2014
  • The Care Certificate - standard 13.5 includes “Understand Medication & Healthcare Tasks”
  • CQC - Key Line of Enquiry S4 (proper and safe use of medicines)
  • NICE - Management of Medicines in Care Homes, SC1 (March 2014)
  • NICE - Managing medicines for adults receiving Social care in the Community, NG67 (March 2017)
  • Qualifications & Credit Framework Unit HSC 3047 - “Support the use of medication in care settings”



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