Accredited Medication Training for Care
Accredited Medication Trainingfor Care

Online Competency Assessment



NICE guidance and the CQC state requirements that staff have an annual update of knowledge, skills and competencies in order to safely administer medicines.


Direct observation of staff can be supported by “indirect” methods such as this online module, thereby saving managers some time.


This online module assesses a person’s competency with the “6 Rights” of administration by testing their skills of observation and vigilance with medicines.

Who is it for?

Any person who administers medication. Suitable for new staff who have completed “Foundation” medication training or experienced staff requiring a refresher.


In this interactive online module the learner has three different types of exercise to complete:




Accurately listing medicines after a prescriber has changed something (Medication Reconciliation)




Correctly writing these medicines onto a medication record (MAR Transcribing)




Check a variety of different medicines and their corresponding MAR charts. Then state if they would administer, or if not, what is wrong.

On successful completion a certificate is issued, valid for one year.


If you wish to purchase more than one licence, please email: We can set you up with your own dedicated area where we can add your learners, medication policies or other important documents and notify you when staff have successfully completed their training. 

Tier Price per person
excl. VAT
Price per person incl.VAT
1-25 £20.00 £24.00
26-50 £17.50 £21.00
51+ £15.00 £18.00
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