February Newsletter 2023

February Newsletter 2023

Date Published: 7 March 2023

February 2023

We are well in the swing of the new year and can say we’re off to a great start already!
We finally had our AIT reunion after what feels like forever and had a great catch up with the whole squad! The team travelled from all over the country to meet and we all had the best time.
We’ve officially renamed this month Face-to-Face February, as we are back to back with in-person courses for the whole month.
As ever, we are always one email, phone call or message away.
Please get in contact today to see how, when and where we can help you! Or just check out our socials for latest updates


With Valentines Day fast approaching – AIT Presents ♥ ♥ 
Heart health tips 

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet & don’t add extra salt to food
  • Ensure alcohol intake is within recommended limits & have at least 2 alcohol-free days each week
  • Stop (or reduce) smoking – ask for support if you want help to quit
  • Take regular exercise – to your own pace and limits
  • Long-term diseases (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc) all need regular checks to help manage the condition(s); please attend appointments when asked.

Looking after your heart can help reduce the risk of a heart attack/stroke


New Years Resolution??

We want to hear from you!
What was your new years resolution?

Have you stuck to it? Have you completed it already?

Let us know! We love sharing your stories and bringing people together…so whether you want to sow off a little, or need motivation to keep going, or messed up on January 2nd, let us know!

Follow us on our socials to see how we are doing with our own resolutions!

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