January 2024 Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

Date Published: 13 February 2024

January 2024

Dear valued readers, Greetings as we step into 2024! As the pages of the calendar turn, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team and the incredible individuals we had the privilege of collaborating with throughout 2023.

Santa Fun Run – A Heartfelt Thanks!


Reflecting on December’s festive spirit, we’re proud to share that our Santa Fun Run had tremendous support. Together, we raised an impressive £175 for Hope House Essex. Donning our Santa attire, we embarked on this joyful endeavor, and your contributions made it all the more memorable.

Face-to-Face Classroom Bookings Across the UK

We’re excited to announce that our books are wide open for face-to-face classroom bookings across the UK this year. Whether you have questions or are ready to make a booking, please feel free to drop us an email or send us a message.

As always we are only ever one call, message or email away. See how, when and where we can AIT Medihelp you!

Instant E-Learning & More

Beyond classroom sessions, we offer instant access to e-learning courses. And that’s not all! Our offerings include medication audits and expert pharmacist advisory visits. With AIT Medihelp, you’re never alone. Our commitment to aftercare ensures our team remains at your disposal, providing support long after our initial engagement.

Understanding Veganuary & Medication

As Veganuary gains momentum, we believe it’s crucial to shed light on medication choices for those embracing a vegan lifestyle. Here are some insights:

A vegan diet emphasises products devoid of animal origin throughout production and processing.
Excipients, integral to medicine production, can sometimes derive from animals. Examples include gelatin, lactose, and cochineal/carmine.
Some licensed prescription drugs, like colecalciferol (vitamin D3), stem from animal sources. However, alternatives exist for vegans and those adhering to Halal or Kosher diets.
Navigating medication choices, especially concerning excipients, can be intricate. When in doubt, we urge you to consult and inquire, ensuring informed decisions align with your dietary preferences or requirements.

A Promise for 2024: As we navigate this new year, our commitment remains unwavering. We eagerly anticipate the challenges and opportunities 2024 presents. Rest assured, AIT Medihelp’s promise and core values continue….That vulnerable people get the very best from their medicines, in the safest way possible!

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