June Newsletter 2023

June Newsletter 2023

Date Published: 1 June 2023

June 2023

Welcome to AIT Medihelp’s June newsletter! This month we’ve launched our summer offer (see below for details) and spaces are filling up FAST. So if you need a medicines management audit performed by an experienced pharmacist then look no further! We’re also launching our new and improved foundation course! More interactive, new tests and, of course, STILL accredited. Written and delivered by pharmacists.

Celebrating the Wins

AIT Medihelp is also dedicated to #celebratingthewins so if you or your team has achieved something big or small then let us know and we’d love to share your story! Be sure to follow us on our socials to see whose win’s we’re celebrating this week.

As always, we are always one email, phone call or message away. So get in contact today to see where, how and when we can AIT Medihelp you!



Did you know that there are potential interactions between foods, supplements, over-the-counter and licensed medicines that can lead to a variety of adverse effects? By causing gastro-intestinal disturbances, affecting how medicines are transported around the body, how medicines are broken down and/or how the body gets rid of medicines, even small quantities can have a major, sometimes long-lasting, impact.

  • Fruit & fruit juices (e.g. grapefruit, cranberry) contain active compounds; effects can vary depending on source & processing.
  • Herbs & herbal supplements (eg turmeric, ginseng, St John’s wort) and supplements (e.g. CBD oil) – effects can vary widely as they may not contain consistent quantities of ingredient(s)
  • Functional foods – target a bodily function rather than for nutrition eg probiotics, which affect gut function.

Keep a current list of ALL items being taken for prescribers to access; this minimises potential interactions and provides information in the event of unwanted effects Alcohol can have an additive effect with any medication already causing sedation or affecting cognitive function; long term use can cause liver damage.

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