Accredited Medication Training for Care
Accredited Medication Trainingfor Care

Pharmacist Advice, Audits & Inspection Visits



Are you confident you are meeting the required regulatory standards for the safe management of medicines? We can help!



We can arrange comprehensive medication audits by one of our experienced pharmacists. This is to help you meet the regulator's requirements for the safe handling of medication and stay up to date with national best practice guidance.



Our robust audit will consider the following areas of safe medication management:

  • Storage & disposal
  • Administering & handling
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Controlled drugs
  • When required medication
  • Non-prescribed medicines (Homely)


During the visit we will advise and support you with your policies and procedures, including

  • reconcilitation of medicines
  • social leave
  • self-medication
  • covert administration
  • staff training and competencies
  • error/incident reporting (and corrective action)

We can also, with your permission, observe your staff administering medicines to the people they care for and provide any applicable feedback.


Following our visit we will provide you with a comprehensive written report with recommended actions where appropriate and provide ongoing advice and support to ensure medicines are managed correctly. We will also supply any of our forms or templates for you to use in the safe administration of medicines.

Fee & Booking: £250.00 (+ VAT).


Please contact us for a no obligation chat on 07860 484270   or

email:  or

use the contact form on our home page


We look forward to hearing from you!

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